The Fearless Fantabulous Five is a collection of five original short stories. The stories share a common message of courage, hope, and faith. This book will empower readers to face their fears, overcome obstacles through faith and help those in need. It reminds us that God is always there, escaping fear is only a prayer away, and we should trust more and fear less. Going from fearful to fearless ensures a fantabulous life! 


Aqua Tales is about kids solving problems and dealing with life's challenges. It offers creative solutions for children and reinforces the importance of love, trust, and honesty. Aqua Tales provides a unique glimpse into nature through the eyes of a young girl and encourages readers to let their imagination run wild. Whether you are a scaredy hunter or a talk mouth, this book will capture your heart and inspire you to pursue your dreams no matter the obstacles.


Building a Fantabulous Nation

Emily supports schools and organizations focused on Helping Children and Improving Literacy by donating copies of her book.

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