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Emily is sharing her love for books with kids at local schools, churches, and conferences. Emily says, “I want all kids to love reading as much as I do.” She is ensuring that happens by donating copies of her books to schools and non-profit organizations focusing on improving literacy.


CAMBA Event - August 21, 2020 Providing academic and enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high school youth.

Connection To Creativity Event

Connection To Creativity Virtual Event - June 19, 2020 Inspiring kids to read more, write more and change the world.

Sutton Elementary School - February 26, 2019 My largest audience ever - over 350 kids and staff.

LUK Mentoring Holiday Event - December 28, 2018 It was wonderful sharing my books with the LUK Mentoring kids and their foster parents.


The Fearless Fantabulous Five Book Launch - December 16, 2018 My latest book is about being fearless through faith. My family, friends, and fans learned how to overcome fear through rock climbing. Fun times!

We Are Lit Youth Club - August 25, 2018 It was my pleasure to help launch the "We Are Lit Youth Club." It was inspiring for me to see children in Atlanta find their passion for reading and writing.

South Salem Elementary School - August 24, 2018 I met my first reading dog today. He helps students at Salem Elementary enjoy reading and have a memorable library experience.

mizpah event

Mizpah Church - June 9, 2018 We had a great day sharing stories from my book, Aqua Tales. Special thanks to Mizpah church for their love and ongoing support.

Emily Writers Club Logo #2

First meeting of my Writers' Club held at CakeShopCafe April 29, 2018 I officially started a Writers' Club. I am very excited to help other kids tell their stories. We will be having our club monthly based on the success of the first meeting.

CBC TV interview on the "Morning Barbados" show - July 11, 2017. My first television interview. I had the chance to talk about my book, being one of the youngest published authors and how I inspire other kids.

St. Patrick's RC Primary School in Barbados - July 5, 2017. It was great visiting the island of Barbados. Being able to share my book, Aqua Tales, with the students at St. Patrick's school made it extra special.

Radio Interview - Dec 13, 2016 Emily was interviewed by the legendary Juan Castillo from 94.3 WYBC (New Haven, CT). The interview was aired on December 17, 2016. Special thanks to everyone at WYBC for the hospitality and support.

Berea SDA Academy and Brookfield Elementary School - Feb 1, 2017 We had a great day sharing my book and love of reading/writing. Special thanks to the staff, teachers, and students of both the Berea and Brookfield schools.

Mount Hope Community Baptist Church - Feb 27, 2017 The members of the Mount Hope Community Baptist Church were great hosts. I had the chance to share four of my stories. Memorable event!

CWC Interview - Nov 12, 2016 We spent the day at Community Worship Center Springfield Gardens SDA Church. Emily was interviewed by Pastor Abraham Jules and Pastor Glen Pryce about her book - AquaTales. Emily was also able to read one of her brand new stories - "Two Trails" - during children's church. A wonderful day!

Worcester Technical High School - Nov 16, 2016 It was a remarkable experience for Emily to share her stories and inspire both pre-K and high school students at Worcester Technical High School to Read More, Write More and Change the World.

South Lancaster Academy - Nov 29, 2016 We shared my book and love for reading/writing with South Lancaster Academy students (K-5th graders). Special thanks to the staff, teachers, and students for a memorable day.

Clara Barton Elementary School - Dec 6, 2016 I met other kids who love riddles as much as I do during my visit to Clara Barton Elementary School. Special thanks to Mrs. Wiley. Riddle for you.... "What keeps running but never walks?"

Oxford Middle School - Nov 4, 2016 It was an incredible experience for the family to spend time with the Oxford Middle School 5th graders. We were all inspired by Emily and the kids. We have officially started an Aqua Tales nation!

Aqua Tales Book Event - Dec 11, 2016 Emily shared her book Aqua Tales with the Blackstone Valley community at Cake Shop Cafe (22 West St A, Millbury, MA 01527). The community support was remarkable!

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